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Please donate:

Donate to our 20th Anniversary Fundraiser!

We’re in in our 20th year of operations, and 10th year in our current space on Fountain. Find all the details on our current fundraising campaign here:

Attend the events listed and the fundraiser party on Saturday, December 3rd! Spread the word!

Make a financial contribution

The Bicycle Kitchen is a nonprofit bicycle repair education space run by volunteers known as Cooks. We keep our space open through donations from the people who use the space. We ask for suggested donations in exchange for using our workshop or picking out a Project Bike, but we never turn anyone away for lack of funds. If you think this is as amazing as we do and can offer financial support consider donating by clicking on the PayPal link below. We are a 501(c)(3) and can offer a Tax ID donation letter.

Another way you can contribute to help keep our doors open for others is by donating new or used bicycles and parts. Donated bikes are recycled back into the community. One person’s garbage is another’s transportation, so clean out that garage! We can even give you a tax write off. We can use almost anything but are always looking for steel road bikes and are ALWAYS (in bold caps) looking for decent wheels.

If you would like to donate a bike or bike parts, just bring them by during our hours of operation. We are a charitable organization so we can provide receipts for donated goods.

Donate other needed supplies

  • Clean rags, textiles, or clothes that can be cut up into rags.
  • Non-toxic all purpose cleaner such as Simple Green
  • Toothbrushes, metal wire brushes – for cleaning
  • Electrical tape

We do not take solvents, paints, batteries, guns, knives, or any explosive devices such as nuclear weapons.

More questions? email: